How is VKTORI moving towards a path of sustainability? 

We are proud to use Tencel and recycled nylon in our braless no-nip tee!

  • Tencel is sustainable sourced from renewable beech trees. Tencel is made out of a closed loop system where 99.99% of the water and chemicals is captured and put back into the system.
  • Recycled nylon is made from pre-consumer waste and helps conserve petroleum resources and plastic water bottles.

How is VKTORI ethically produced? 

We have thoughtfully partnered with a factory that aligns with our sustainable values while delivering a high quality product. Our Factory holds the following certificates:

  • "WCA certificate by Interte" ensures that our brand adheres to strict guidelines regarding fair labor, wages, health, and safety.
  • "ISO 9001:2015 QS by SGS" documents the processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives.
  • "Trade with purpose full audit by amforu BSCI" helps a business monitor its supply chain to ensure that all suppliers are treating workers ethically and legally.
  • "Global Recycled Standard certified" standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labeling. With GRS certification, you can communicate to customers your commitment to truth in materials and support for a circular economy that reduces waste by using it to make new products.

Where is our factory located?

Our factory is located in Guangdong China, the leading manufacturing hub of the country aka they know their sh!t when manufacturing. In our experience, the product quality, competitive prices, responsiveness to issues and overall process was more streamlined and unmatched with the factories we had worked with previously in the US. Also, the heat pressed seamless bonding technology we use is in predominantly in China. 

Why don't you manufacture in the US?

We had previously partnered with 3 manufactures in the US but the quality, responsiveness to issues, pricing and overall speed was below that of our experience with our current manufacture in Guangdong China. 

How do I know my Breasties will fit VKTORI's no-nip tee?

We currently recommend our no-nip tee for cup sizes AA-C. However, please see our video fit guide and precise measurements here

Do you plan to expand your sizing?

Yes! After our launch we plan to develop sizing catered towards are larger breasted community. Our vision will be a a size Medium for cup sizes AA-C and then a another size Medium for cup sizes D+

Since our nipple shielding layer is static and has no band or compression to "hold" onto the breasts like a normal bra would - our current sizing best accommodates certain cup sizes. 

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