VKTORI emboldens women to be shamelessly comfortable through braless innovation and neuro-inclusivity.  

To the girls who felt shame for choosing their own comfort, who felt judged for expressing their unique neuro-divergent qualities - we made this for you.

Keona's Story.

Growing up, I was taught that showing skin, especially noticeable nipping, was taboo. I came to accept that being a woman meant enduring uncomfortable underwire and constricting bands. The issue escalated in my professional life when traditional bras proved both irritating to my sensitive skin and distracting during important meetings. Frustrated by the lack of professional yet comfortable options, I spent four years crafting a solution. Using my self-taught fashion knowledge, I launched VKTORI in June 2022, introducing our flagship no-nip tee.

Sarah's Story 

As VKTORI's Chief Marketing Officer, my neurodivergent brain is my superpower. It's the lens through which I view the world and the unique perspective I bring to our brand. My experiences have instilled in me an acute understanding of what it means to truly engage with our audience—beyond the noise and distraction of a crowded marketplace. This understanding shapes our marketing campaigns, ensuring they're not just seen but felt, creating a genuine connection with our community. We're weaving a new tapestry of inclusivity, celebrating neurodiversity in every thread and empowering every stitch.


How we got here

DEC 22

Delivered on successful global pre-order campaign


Recruited CMO Co-founder

OCT 23

Customer Advisory Board Formed


Collecting feedback for improved no-nip collection  

Your Neuro-diversity Is Our Cause

In a world where "normal" is increasingly chaotic, VKTORI stands with those who demand more from their everyday wear. We're here for you on days when bras are unbearable, whether due to having a busy commuting day, to just waking up tired and hypersensitive. We get it – life is demanding, and comfort is your non-negotiable. 

Our neuro-inclusive design philosophy drives us to craft luxuriously soft, low-support, versatile shirts that discreetly cover you through sensory ups and downs – all while keeping you effortlessly stylish. So, why settle for ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary comfort, shamelessly, with VKTORI?

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