How is VKTORI different?

How is VKTORI braless apparel different? No wires, no bands, no straps, no compression, no adhesives, for daily wear, shields nipping

1. We focus on solving for your nipping with our nippy-shielding design

We focus on the nipping because that is that is the main problem when going braless. We live in a world where the visualization of a woman’s nipples has certain connotations. There are times when we welcome or are comfortable with these connotations; but there are times when we do not want to be bothered (that’s where we, your  #NahBra Breasties, are here for!)

2. We have a non-supportive design (on purpose!) so you and your Breasties can be free

Truth is, unless you are exercising or have a physically strenuous job, boobs are happy to fall where they are fall. Where did we get the idea that our boobs have to be perky and lifted all the time? Not from a space that has women’s best interests at heart, that’s for sure!

3. We acknowledge and help alleviate the psychosocial aspect of going braless 


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