“Why Going Braless Has Become a Thing: Unveiling the Freedom of Choice in Workleisure”


Why has going braless become a "thing"?

The answer is simple: freedom of choice. Let's explore this liberating trend and how VKTORI's no-nip tee is making it effortlessly accessible in the workleisure world.

Three women of color with sensitive skin standing in front of a blue sky with clouds, dressed in workleisure outfits without bras..

Empowerment + Freedom of Choice

Going braless is about reclaiming your body. VKTORI's braless tee is designed to make this choice simple and worry-free, even when it comes to workleisure.

The Fashion Aspect

Our no-nip tee is your perfect companion for this fashion journey, designed to offer style without compromising on comfort, making it the ideal workleisure attire.

VKTORI's no-nip tee is here to make the choice to go braless a no-brainer, offering a stylish and comfortable alternative that fits perfectly into the workleisure trend.

A braless woman in a workleisure blouse and glasses stands in a white office giving a presentation.

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