Anna Fuller: Embracing Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and her Breasties

Anna Fuller: Embracing Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and her Breasties

In an enlightening interview, Anna Fuller, founder of Halo, shares her personal journey, entrepreneurial spirit, and the unexpected empowerment she discovered through motherhood.

Anna's 'Boob Story'

Anna's relationship with her boobs took a significant turn when she had her daughter, Ellie, two years ago. Before that, she hadn't thought much about them, viewing them as just another part of her body. As a runner and dancer, she was more focused on practical support and comfort. However, the experience of breastfeeding transformed her perspective. "It's pretty crazy, if you think about it, that for over a year my body was responsible for making the entire caloric consumption for another human being," she shares. This realization brought a new appreciation for her body and its capabilities.

Anna's Early Background

Anna grew up on a farm in rural Virginia but has since lived in various cities, including DC, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and now Seattle. Her entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age, building "playground empires" and scheming. Her formal introduction to startups came in 2012 in Pittsburgh, where she worked for an e-commerce startup. This experience gave her a taste of the fast-paced, scrappy startup life and a deep appreciation for e-commerce. Anna's grandfather, who owned a woolen shop, also influenced her, instilling a love for unique, high-quality products and the business of bringing them to market. "I've always been entrepreneurial," Anna says. "My grandfather owned a woolen shop, and I spent summers working with him, falling in love with the business."

What Led Anna to Start Shop Halo

Anna's journey into her current work with Halo stems from her personal experience as a new parent. She was struck by the steep learning curve and the invisible load carried by new moms. "With Halo, we aim to reduce this burden by offering personalized deal drops tailored to each parent's journey, helping them save time and mental energy," Anna explains. "Our mission is to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for moms."

Misconceptions as a Female Founder

Anna highlights a broader misconception about women and moms in the startup world. "The startup and VC industry notoriously lacks gender parity, with only 2% of venture capital going to female founders," she points out. Despite this, women-founded startups are responsible for a significant proportion of current unicorns. "Investing in women-led startups is not only fair but also a smart business decision."

What is Anna's #VKTORIsecret?

Reflecting on her past insecurities about having smaller boobs, Anna now celebrates this aspect of her body.

"As a runner and dancer, smaller boobs were advantageous," she says. "I was able to feed my baby for over a year, which is pretty awesome. I celebrate my boobs because they tend to do amazing things."


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